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A Shorter Feedback Loop for Oly Lifts

There are a few things we know about development. One of these things is that one’s rate of improvement is partially dependent upon the feedback loop one gets from his/her efforts. Getting better information, faster about what went well and what didn’t go well allows one to make adjustments faster and more accurately. That’s a breeding ground for improvement.

For example, when it comes to the Olympic lifts off the ground (the clean and the snatch), an athlete may find where the bar makes contact as key information about their second pull. In general, a brush closer to the hip indicates better extension in the second pull. Naturally, the snatch will make contact closer to the hip than the clean give grip width, but, in any case, athletes can understand, “Did I find extension or not?” with this simple tool.

Surely, there are a plethora of faults to troubleshoot and this small tool isn’t a fail safe plan for all things extension, but it is feedback and feedback is key to making adjustments.

What are some key cues and indicators you use to shorten the feedback loop on your lifts?


Logan Gelbrich