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Tumbling Warm Up

Whether you’re a coach or an athlete in CrossFit, team sports, or general fitness training, tumbling could be the most unique way to develop coordination, bigger range of motions, and a great warm up for training.

Coach Stephane Rochet (Team ORIGINAL) introduced this earlier on in his career as the head strength and conditioning coach at the University of San Diego. In the video above, he’s delivering this warm up at a seminar are UC Riverside.

Need to spice up your warm up routine? Try some tumbling!


Logan Gelbrich


Low Consequence Carbs

Surely there’s no shortage of chatter about nutrition these days. Camps defending and attacking each other can’t wait to tell you what foods are “good” and what foods are “bad.” Rather than put on a uniform for battle for Team Paleo or Team Zone, we like to think that food is just well.. food. In fact, it’s a bit more complex than “good” food and “bad” food.

Dead center at much of the nutrition debate is the big “C” word. Carbohydrates is the biggest buzz in nutrition for decades running.

The insight I wanted to talk about today are sources of those cheap and easy carbohydrates and a way to choose one source over another. Most folks looking to lose weight will have success manipulating carbohydrates, choosing relatively lower glycemic, higher nutrient dense carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables. But, what if you’re an elite athlete looking to gain strength, recover better, or achieve high carbohydrate numbers, kale might not be your savior.

Inside of the world of simple, starchy carbohydrates, some may be more helpful than others. It’s in this instance that I tend to rely on simple carbohydrates that pack all the same good glycogen and caloric volume without some of the gut health issues and allergies so commonly associated with soy, wheat, and the like.

For most people, carbohydrate sources like white rice and tubers (including potatoes, yams, etc) can pull off your basic carb needs without destroying your gut or causing unnecessary inflammation. Naturally, you should experiment with your own body, but I’ve been able to put on weight, add strength, and supplement my diet with starches without allergenic responses and inflammation.

Not all starches are the devil. Some may give you what you need without the bad rap of gluten and  other disturbing foods.



Logan Gelbrich


Clean Athlete, Algieri, to Fight Pacquiao

Long time friend of the brand, student of the game, PhD student, and undefeated professional boxer (21-0), Chris Algieri, has the fight of his life this weekend. Algieri will be taking on Manny Pacquiao as the 140 pound WBO champion. Pacquiao_Algieri_Macau

Tune in to the fight LIVE Sunday November 23rd at 9AM.

In addition to being an elite level boxer, Algieri is a student of the nutrition game. He’s an expert in the field and his knowledge base extends beyond the classroom to his own training practices. You can find his nutritional strategy on his website.

Pinky up!


Logan Gelbrich


Battle of the Boxes SUCCESS!

[Photo credit: Rodrigo Ortiz – Funning]

ORIGINAL Nutritionals sponsored an incredible Battle of the Boxes event this past weekend at the Ventura Fairgrounds in California. West Coast Strength and Conditioning ran over 300 athletes though a team competition with varying entry points from prescribed, modified, and masters levels. The entire event was put on in conjunction with presenting sponsor and good friend of ours, Kill CliffScreen Shot 2014-11-18 at 1.38.21 PM

Naturally, I brought a couple kegs for an in-booth contest to win a case of Coco Java Nut Butter. When I arrived I was so excited to see one of the three workouts was a keg carry event! Inadvertently, the ORIGINAL Nutritionals booth became a skills workshop for keg carry strategy.

A sincere ‘Thank You’ goes out to Stephanie Vermeychuk for organizing and executing the event. Also, I’ve got to thank ex-teammate and universal badass, Nick McCoy, for making the trek with me. Ryan Schultz, you’re like a brother and I’ll always do an event with you. Spencer Murphy, we’re just getting started in bromance. Thanks, neighbor!


Logan Gelbrich



A Shorter Feedback Loop for Oly Lifts

There are a few things we know about development. One of these things is that one’s rate of improvement is partially dependent upon the feedback loop one gets from his/her efforts. Getting better information, faster about what went well and what didn’t go well allows one to make adjustments faster and more accurately. That’s a breeding ground for improvement.

For example, when it comes to the Olympic lifts off the ground (the clean and the snatch), an athlete may find where the bar makes contact as key information about their second pull. In general, a brush closer to the hip indicates better extension in the second pull. Naturally, the snatch will make contact closer to the hip than the clean give grip width, but, in any case, athletes can understand, “Did I find extension or not?” with this simple tool.

Surely, there are a plethora of faults to troubleshoot and this small tool isn’t a fail safe plan for all things extension, but it is feedback and feedback is key to making adjustments.

What are some key cues and indicators you use to shorten the feedback loop on your lifts?


Logan Gelbrich



Join us this weekend at Citrus College for the year’s most regarded fitness competition for teams, the WOD Gear Team Series. The WOD Gear Team series is a fitness competition for teams of four (two men and two women) to test their capacities against some of the fittest teams in Southern California.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 5.48.47 PM

ORIGINAL Nutritionals will be there with pinkies out and enough shots of fish oil to go around. It’ll surely be a long hard day of competition, so if you need a snack, we’ve got fresh packets of Coco Java Nut Butter to keep both athletes and spectators going!

Come see us!


Logan Gelbrich



Maybe it’s a controversial topic, but when it comes to work capacity we figured there needed to be another iron in the fire on this. Strict pull ups surely display more raw strength by blocking other movement, whereas the kip allows access to strength and coordination else where to get the job done.

You see, I’ve got to be honest. The biggest, most important message of this article has nothing to do with kipping. As a coach/athlete/writer I see the spectrum of opinions on fitness all the time. The social media explosion has had it’s hand in this movement for sure, and while this conversation can be the best thing to happen to strength and conditioning, it at times, exposes a large part of the population who is unwilling to think critically.

Here’s the experiment. I’m going to share this seemingly straight forward article that piles on with a pro-kipping pull up agenda. You’d be surprised at the comments people make on topics they haven’t even taken the time to think about, let alone think critically about. I wouldn’t doubt to see the comment section fill with negativity from folks who clearly didn’t read the article.

If we can’t discuss, debate, and think critically, but we can take jabs from a distance based on emotion, I think we are all doing the world of strength and conditioning a disservice. I hope you don’t feel like you got the bait-and-switch treatment. Plus, were you really just about to read another opinion on kipping pull ups?


Logan Gelbrich


Back Pain Riddle

Here’s a riddle for you…

If those that are most cautious about weightlifting induced back pain often feel that pain because their backs are weak, how will they ever get strong?


The mind is a magically confusing place. And, it’s circular logic like this that often interrupts even the most sound thinkers and most motivated movers and shakers. Are you hindered by your own mind?


Logan Gelbrich



For over three years we’ve been a passionate supplier of a few key essentials for ‘Clean Athletes’ around the world. Thus far, we’ve strictly been a wholesaler with wonderful partners from CrossFit gyms and physical therapists’ offices to nutrition shops and organic grocery stores.

Today, for the first time, we are excited to announce the opportunity for direct retail straight from our website. No longer will our loyal athletes and fans have to travel far and wide to seek our their pure, basic, essential goodies from us.

Been dying to try PERFORMANCE: O3? Want a fist full of Coco Java Nut Butter? The full arsenal is available now at ORIGINAL Nutritionals‘ Online Store now!

Shop here NOW!


Logan Gelbrich



My great friend, Tait Fletcher, informally came up with a concept called ‘Pirate Life’ that has evolved into something huge. Tait could have a number of paragraphs devoted to what he’s currently up to, let alone the volumes that is require to do his pedigree justice, but I’ll try to be brief.

In short, the founder of Caveman Coffee Company and owner of Santa Fe’s Undisputed Fitness is entrepreneurial in a handful of other pursuits, he’s a motivator, accomplished mixed martial artist, and passionate student for life.

At my gym in Venice Beach, we fly a pirate flag and often refer to a quote from Steve Jobs that asks, “Why be in the navy when you can be a pirate?”

This idea of asking big questions, creating a better reality, and avoiding the herd mentality are pillars of both ORIGINAL Nutritionals and Caveman Coffee Co. If you’re ever looking for some thoughts on performance without an agenda, his Podcast is an incredible resource.

Listen in to his latest Podcast, in which I was able to join in on Tait’s conversation with Dr. Mark Cheng to discuss human movement, perspectives for performance, and other Pirate-like musings here:



Logan Gelbrich