Heart & Circulation


Fish consumption is recognized as one of the most beneficial supplements for a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.1-4 What’s more, fish oil supplementation has also shown to have similar cardiovascular benefit.5-7

Most of cardiovascular benefit associated with fish oil consumption doesn’t have to do with lower total or LDL cholesterol levels as much as positively modifying other factors that contribute to cardiovascular health such as lowering triglycerides, reducing inflammatory in blood vessel walls, and reducing platelet activity.1-8 Furthermore, fish oil can positively impact blood pressure.9

Much of the benefit comes from EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), an omega 3 fat which can get into the tissue lining blood vessels and be converted to other beneficial factors called eicosanoids (see Omega-3 Conversion Figure). However, patience is important as it can take several weeks to months in order for fish oil to have measurable benefit; but the health of your heart is worth the patience.


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