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Inside the BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar

With several weeks to decompress, I’m excited to share some insight to the first ever BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar in Los Angeles recently. The three day course is the first of its kind, especially in depth and volume of material surrounding the birth experience as it pertains to movement practice.

Now, I’ve seen this seminar from concept to reality from a behind the scenes perspective. Lindsey, or Dr. Lindsey Mathews DC as she’s known professionally, is my fiancé and she created BIRTHFIT from a deep rooted connection to her own life experience as a child and her practice as a renown healer and movement coach. The frustration surrounding the lack of control that a baby has in his/her welcome party to the world combined with the all too common un-empowered birth experience normalized in the United States made way for BIRTHFIT, an educational resource for both men and women surrounding arguably the most impactful, most critical, most natural expression of life.

Over the course of three days, we drank water from a firehose of information. Foundational anatomy and physiology led into one of the most progressive things I’ve seen. With influence from Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), which uses the universal development of human movement as scientifically observed in babies, Dr. Erica Boland DC rolled out the BIRTHFIT Functional Progression as a means to pre-abilitate and rehabilitate movement disfunction, and even address diastasic recti and pelvic floor issues. What we’ve learned is that while these conditions are common, they are not normal.

The course isn’t just lecture, either. We also spent time at a training facility where movement was taught, progressed, corrected, and cued. It was refreshing to see from the entire staff of doulas, coaches, and chiropractors that this wasn’t CrossFit for pregnant ladies. It was a movement practice, a mindset practice, a nutrition practice, and a chiropractic practice to prepare for birth, the greatest physical and emotional feat in a woman’s life. Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 9.16.08 AM

My favorite part of the weekend wasn’t even taught by Lindsey. Melissa Hemphill, BIRTHFIT Regional Director – Colorado, led the mindset discussion with not just powerful psychology surrounding controversial issues like pregnancy, nutrition, postpartum depression, and even miscarriage. She gave specific tools to navigate the waters of the mind. I, and the other men and women in the room, were left asking big questions and getting big answers.

Of course, the weekend had an intangible that made the experience far from sterile. The group was inspired to navigate adaptive challenges along the way. There were breathing and meditation elements, squatting with barbells, tear jerking birth stories, Dr. Seuss quotes, and enough research to leave any mind overflowing.

While I may be biased, the seminar exceeded even my expectations and I know the sold out crowd would agree. This movement is covering not just the country, but the globe. If you have a chance to attend, come ready to learn.


Logan Gelbrich


Team ORIGINAL: Three to Strongman Nationals

Next week marks the beginning of Strongman Corporation’s National contest to crown the strongest of people of their gender and weight-class. The event will be held in Quad Cities, Iowa and includes five feats of strength.

Athletes are tasked with max repetitions of a heavy axel deadlift, max presses with a giant circus dumbbell, and a yoke carry for time on ‘Day One’. ‘Day Two’ will culminate with each athlete taking their best shot at max distance Hussafel stone carry and a keg/atlas stone loading event.

We’re pleased to announce that in conjunction with our friends at Caveman Coffee Co., that we’ll be supporting three athletes from DEUCE Gym, who’ve qualified for the event. Emily Russak, California’s Strongman Woman – Middle Weight, Josh Goldstein, and I will take our strengths to the competition in Iowa waving the Caveman and ORIGINAL flags!


Logan Gelbrich


Greetings from Paleo f(x)

It’s ‘Day 2’ of Paleo f(x), the nation’s leading holistic wellness event, and we’re having a blast. Thoughtful panels and brilliant presenters line the day top to bottom. Of course, we had to take a break from the action, however, to train. Thanks to our friends at Travis County Strength for the session! drew

We’re in Austin to support BIRTHFIT, who’s a proud member of Team ORIGINAL. In addition, founder Dr. Lindsey Mathews DC is up for, not one, but two of Paleo Magazine’s ‘Best of 2016’ awards; Fire Starter of the Year and Best New Fitness Business.

We’re headed back in for another day meeting other minds and trying to grow ours. Happy training!


Logan Gelbrich


ON: 50/50 Business and Performance

In true “Logan fashion” I decided to seemingly over-extend myself this past weekend. ORIGINAL Nutritionals co-sponsored the 2016 Gladiator Gauntlet, a NAS sectioned strongman event set to qualify athletes for nationals. Not only would we sponsor, but I enrolled as a middleweight competitor.

Since our inception in 2011, ORIGINAL Nutritionals has been some oscillating percentage business and some percentage physical prowess, for better or worse. On competition day, the pie would be split 50/50.

With the help of big Will Peddie, the ORIGINAL Nutritionals booth was a haven for education on our basic, pure, and essential products and a retail space for Omega 3 for athletes and clean proteins. We even had goat whey fruit smoothies for athletes and spectators alike. Naturally, the booth doubled as a refuged for DEUCE Gym’s competitors and support crew.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

The 50/50 balance worked out this time. I was able to walk away with the top spot on the podium and we were able to spread the good word of ORIGINAL Nutritionals. I want to thank all those that put on the event from Nathan Small, Zak Kirk, and NAS state rep, Kristin Rhodes for putting on a professional event.

Pinky up!


Logan Gelbrich


2016 Gladiator Gauntlet Saturday!

We’re proud to announce that we are co-sponosring the 2016 Gladiator Gauntlet, a NAS certified strongman event this Saturday. The lineup of athletes will make this event the largest strongman competition in Southern California.


With three weight classes for men and three weight classes for women, there will be action all day long at the Escondido, CA location, Warfighter Academy.

Come by the booth for goat whey smoothies and chance to learn about Clean Athlete products. We will be selling protein and fish oil all day.


Logan Gelbrich


CA Strongest Woman Event a Success

This past weekend strongman competitors Clay Edgin and Kalle Beck played host to nearly sixty women at Santa Cruz Strength. The event was called California’s Strongest Woman, which took a familiar strongman style competition with an approachable scale and only allowed women in the door.


The event featured five events across three divisions (novice, open, and masters) in three different weight classes (lightweight, middleweight, heavyweight). These inspiring women took to a pressing medley and put various implements from kegs to barbells and axles and circus dumbbells overhead for speed. Another event had the ladies pulling a dump truck with a large rope hand over hand for time.

Nonetheless, the event was a inspiration. ORIGINAL Nutritionals was a proud sponsor and we’d like to congratulate all the competitors.


Logan Gelbrich


Coach Helming on Making an Impact Beyond Fitness

Our good friend and major source for inspiration, Nate Helming, is a progressive movement coach who is making waves in the endurance community. His projects the Run Experience and Helming Atheltics are incredible resources for knowledge and change in the running and triathlon communities, but now Nate is looking to help others beyond fitness. Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.52.56 PM

Nate will run the prestigious 2016 Boston Marathon April 18th for a cause much bigger than himself. Nate, alongside Strength to Serve and Reebok, is raising money to support Brookview House. Brookview House provide opportunities for homeless women and children a safe place to eat and sleep and a quality environment to raise their families.

If you feel inspired to help us give Nate’s effort some support, you can do so HERE!


Logan Gelbrich


Episode 192 feat. Dogtown CrossFit’s Adam Noble

Tune in to the latest episode of WODcast Podcast featuring Adam Noble. Adam is the co-founder of Dogtown CrossFit. He’s also the owner of a bar, a cancer survivor, and creator of a beautiful fundraiser called Crush Cancer.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 4.32.46 PM

Crush Cancer raises money for cancer research and is based around a grueling workout. Gyms and athletes participate and raise money all over the world, even with satellite locations playing host to the culminating event day.

If you’d like to donate, click here!



Logan Gelbrich


Crush Games 2015 COMPLETE!

ORIGINAL Nutritionals was blessed to sponsor the 2015 Crush Games. After being asked to collaborate in the creation of the Samson Games, a strength athlete specific event ancillary to the CompFit competition, we decided to load up the ORIGINAL Nutritionals crew and head out.

pinky up booth

The three day event was massive. Numerous divisions made up the CompFit event from women individuals, men individuals, teams, and scaled. In addition to the CompFit event, the Crush Games introduced the Crush 5K with countless runners hitting the pavement for the race. Thirdly, the Samson Games tickled the power athletes with powerlifting and strongman events.

I was blessed enough to share the space with the one and only John Welbourn. Though Rob Orlando couldn’t make the trip, it was an honor to be included with those guys.

The ORIGINAL Nutritionals booth was a hangout spot for some of the event’s brightest stars and numerous friends and family from the fitness community. Who’s coming next year?!


Logan Gelbrich



Phew! This has been a bit of a marathon, but I’ve loved every minute of it. In fact, it’s felt like a great excuse to hang around a mentor of a coach and a business man for eight days. I’ve learned a ton, we got to spread the gospel, and I even had a blast doing it.

‘Day 8’ would be finished with a visit to CrossFit South Bay. The ‘Strength Wagon’ would be unloaded one last time. The gym was incredibly nice, and we were able to host the clinic on the turf outside in the sunshine.

Luckily, for us and for CrossFit South Bay one of the attendees and their coach is a friend by the name of Liefia Ingalls. She’s an actual strongwoman competitor. In fact, we both competed in the the most recent California Strongest Man event together. She won, and she sealed her spot at the top of the podium with a first place finish in the stone loading event. In that way, I used her for our movement demo!

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 5.27.23 PM

We finished this night like we did every other night with a few beers and good laughs.

I’d like to thank Rob Orlando for tagging along with me and trusting me to set this whole thing up. It wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors either, Nuevo Cerveza, Caveman Coffee Co., Fitmoo, Hybrid Athletics, DEUCE Gym, and, of course, ORIGINAL Nutritionals!

That’s a wrap, folks!


Logan Gelbrich