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ORIGINAL Nutritionals to Collaborate with 2015 Crush Games

We’re greatly honored to announce that I, in conjunction with ORIGINAL Nutritionals and DEUCE Gym, will be a “collaborator” for the 2015 Crush Games. The Crush Games is comprised of three separate fitness competitions. CompFIT will be a CrossFit dream. The second component the Crush 5K Race will test endurance runners in the Miami sun. And finally, the Samson Games, which we’ll be aiding in, will be a test of the capacity of the weekend’s strength athletes. Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 12.32.26 PM

Registration opens here and the event will take place in Miami, FL the weekend of October 2nd-4th.

We’ll be joining PowerWOD’s Jesse Burdick, Power Athlete HQ’s John Welbourn, and Hybrid Athletics’ Rob Orlando in the organization of the Samson Games. The event will feature five weight classes and a variety of strength, speed, and power tests.

Join us in Miami!


Logan Gelbrich



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ON Presents: California Strongman Road Trip

We’re proud to announce our support of an incredible fitness experience hitting the California coast in 2015. Founder of Hybrid Athletics and the CrossFit Strongman movement, Rob Orlando, and myself will travel from San Diego to San Francisco in a van full of strongman equipment, a camera crew, and some good beer with the hopes of spreading strongman to as many people as possible starting July 27th.

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-One Hour Strongman Clinic feat. Rob Orlando & Logan Gelbrich
-3 Strongman Scalable/ Fun Events
-Community Social to Follow with Beer and Coffee
Monday July 27th – CrossFit No Boundaries
Tuesday July 28th – CrossFit Long Beach
Wednesday July 29th – West Coast Strength & Conditioning
Thursday July 20th – CrossFit Amundson
Friday July 31st – The Fitness Coalition
Saturday August 1st – DEUCE Gym (CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course)
Sunday August 2nd – Code 3 Athletics
Monday August 3rd – CrossFit South Bay
-Men and Women of all Fitness Levels
-$50 Paid to the Host
If you live near anyone of these wonderful local hosts, we invite you to come out and meet us for some knowledge, some fitness, and a good time. Help us spread the word!
Logan Gelbrich

RESOURCE: Barbell Business feat. Christmas Abbott

Though we don’t sponsor the podcast or have a formal marketing relationship, the folks at Barbell Shrugged and consequentially Barbell Business are incredible resources and friends of the brand. What started as a “Hey, that’s out shirt!” turned into an incredible learning experience.

World record holding powerlifter, AJ Roberts, hosts Barbell Business along side Doug Larson and Mike Bledsoe. On this episode coach, author, gym owner, fitness celebrity, Christmas Abbott, shares her business story.

These guys do a great job with all of their products and online resources. Have a listen!

Logan Gelbrich



Team ORIGINAL Athlete, Taylor Drescher, Guests on WODcast Podcast

The latest episode of the WODcast Podcast features our very own, Taylor Drescher. On the show, her and the hosts talk about her national championship run as a competitive cheerleader at the University of Louisville, how she found CrossFit and the conjugate method, and life as a female Marine officer. In addition, Taylor’s LA Reign teammate James Townsend is in the room, so you’ll hear all about her being drafted into the GRID League.

As always the WODcast Podcast is funny and informative. Tune in NOW!


Logan Gelbrich


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Follow Strongman 202

I wear a lot of hats. When I’m not talking to gym owners and other retailers about ORIGINAL Nutritionals, I’m writing for various fitness publications. When I’m not doing those things I’m either coaching or training at my gym, DEUCE Gym, in Venice Beach.

Of course, if you’re reading this you’re invited to visit us any time. Most, however, can’t. Now, it won’t matter, as both Strongman 101 and Strongman 202 will be available to follow worldwide online.

Strongman 101 is a program designed for gym owners and coaches to introduce CrossFit athletes and general fitness practitioners to the strongman implements twice a week for eight weeks. Strongman 202 is a complete strength and conditioning program geared towards strongman. Athletes can expect to follow a conjugate based strength approach that will address both absolute strength and speed. In addition, constantly varied conditioning will answer to both specific strongman competitors’ goals as well as the general fitness practitioner with body composition goals.

The program is affordable ($12/month or $120/year) and already packed with participants. Join us here: DEUCE Strongman


Logan Gelbrich



The Going OTE Tour is a Wrap!

Redbull Art of Motion Champions, Cory DeMyers and Jesse LaFlair, wrapped up their nationwide tour of parkour jam sessions and documentary screenings in Los Angeles. ORIGINAL Nutritionals was able to sponsor the tour and set up camp at this past weekends jam session at Tempest Freerunning Academy in Los Angeles.

Hundreds of young athletes took to Tempest’s facility for a free for all of movement in what looked like the largest adult playground I’ve ever seen. Participants got to listen to inspirational talks from the professional freerunners and got free ORIGINAL Nutritionals products and swag, as well as gear from other sponsors of the tour.

The event culminated with a “wall competition” where athletes of all genders, ages, and sizes competed for best trick. The event was won by a young ex-gymnast girl, who showed up all the boys in the event.

The evening following the jam included the final screening of “From Here to There,” a documentary chronicling the boys’ European tour that landed them on the podium of the Red Bull Art of Motion event, the premiere event in free running annually.


Logan Gelbrich



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Sam Briggs Advances to 2015 CrossFit Games

Team ORIGINAL athlete, Samantha Briggs, punched her ticket to Carson, Calif. this weekend with her second place finish in the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Atlantic Regional. The 2013 “Fittest Woman on Earth” will be making her return to the Games after an upsetting finish in last year’s regional event left her out of the biggest competition in fitness she won the previous year. SAM BRIGGS

In this year’s CrossFit Games Regional, Sam took a top five finish in all but two events. The top five finishers from this year’s Atlantic “Super Regional” will be invited to advance to the CrossFit Games. Emily Bridgers, Anna Tunnicliffe, Cassidy Lance, and Whitney Glen will also move on.

We wish Sam all the luck in the next stage. Pinky up!


Logan Gelbrich



Freerunning Jam Session + Documentary Screening

Our friends Cory DeMeyers and Jesse LaFlair are wrapping up their nationwide Going Off the Edge tour with a bang. This Saturday their team will be hosting a jam session of parkour and freerunning at the one and only, Tempest Freerunning Academy in Los Angeles. The night will be capped off with a screening of ‘From Here to There,’ a documentary at the Ace Hotel chronicling the boys’ escapades through Europe include the Red Bull World Championships.

going ote

This Saturday marks the end of a long journey that took these professional freerunners around the country in a tour bus fit for a band of rockstars. They hosted screenings and jam sessions in towns from Las Vegas to Detroit inspiring young mean and women to move and get out of their comfort zones.

We invite you to join us this Saturday. Tickets can be purchased here!


Logan Gelbrich


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We’re Obsessed with Suffering

When the photo above appeared in the New Yorker, I couldn’t help but think of humanity through the eyes of a coach. Of course, the cartoon is a joke that pokes fun at the rising popularity in cleanses of all kinds. Furthermore, the monetary component to all this is just as much of the punch line as anything.

American’s are lining up in droves to spend hundreds of dollars to consume restrictive, sometimes arbitrary, foods (often in liquid form) as a means to cleanse their bodies. The biggest thought I had after seeing the cartoon, however, had more to do with our obsession with suffering than the cleanse phenomenon.

As a coach, I see men and women that want to be demoralized by workouts. They love the idea of “bootcamps.” The dietary version of this looks like not drinking lemonade for lemonade’s sake, but drinking only lemonade even, dare I say especially, if you hate it. Not only do we want the answer to our problems to be extreme and unenjoyable, we want it to be expensive, too.

After all, essential, basic strategies aren’t effective, right?


Logan Gelbrich


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See It (in Your Mind) to Believe It

The power of visualization is potentially the most underrated piece of performance training in existence. I’m biased towards it as it helped me tremendously in my collegiate and professional career in baseball, but I think the positive reach of these skills are unanimous. Furthermore, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to a number of resources in sports psychology along the way. I couldn’t un-know what they taught me.

In talking with Karlene Pick M.A., our team mental training consultant at the University of San Diego and current Team ORIGINAL mental training consultant, she shared an impactful example with me. The example was of a scholarly study on the topic of visualization that put three groups of athletes through an experiment.

The first group was tasked with a baseline score in free-throw accuracy and given a controlled practice protocol with no visualization time. The second group was given the same practice time along with some visualization time, as well. The third group was only given visualization time.

The final test had some interesting results. The group that was able to physically and mentally practice out paced the other groups. No shocker there. But, the second highest performing group was the group that was only able to visualize, while the group that was given practice time and no visualization time improved the least of the three groups. Could visualization be more productive than actually practicing the task in question?

Even if you’re new to meditation, breathing exercises, or visualization, if performance is your goal, you may want to put more eggs in this mental skills basket. Do you use visualization to get a competitive edge?


Logan Gelbrich