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Greetings from Paleo f(x)

It’s ‘Day 2’ of Paleo f(x), the nation’s leading holistic wellness event, and we’re having a blast. Thoughtful panels and brilliant presenters line the day top to bottom. Of course, we had to take a break from the action, however, to train. Thanks to our friends at Travis County Strength for the session! drew

We’re in Austin to support BIRTHFIT, who’s a proud member of Team ORIGINAL. In addition, founder Dr. Lindsey Mathews DC is up for, not one, but two of Paleo Magazine’s ‘Best of 2016’ awards; Fire Starter of the Year and Best New Fitness Business.

We’re headed back in for another day meeting other minds and trying to grow ours. Happy training!


Logan Gelbrich


keg toss

ON: 50/50 Business and Performance

In true “Logan fashion” I decided to seemingly over-extend myself this past weekend. ORIGINAL Nutritionals co-sponsored the 2016 Gladiator Gauntlet, a NAS sectioned strongman event set to qualify athletes for nationals. Not only would we sponsor, but I enrolled as a middleweight competitor.

Since our inception in 2011, ORIGINAL Nutritionals has been some oscillating percentage business and some percentage physical prowess, for better or worse. On competition day, the pie would be split 50/50.

With the help of big Will Peddie, the ORIGINAL Nutritionals booth was a haven for education on our basic, pure, and essential products and a retail space for Omega 3 for athletes and clean proteins. We even had goat whey fruit smoothies for athletes and spectators alike. Naturally, the booth doubled as a refuged for DEUCE Gym’s competitors and support crew.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

The 50/50 balance worked out this time. I was able to walk away with the top spot on the podium and we were able to spread the good word of ORIGINAL Nutritionals. I want to thank all those that put on the event from Nathan Small, Zak Kirk, and NAS state rep, Kristin Rhodes for putting on a professional event.

Pinky up!


Logan Gelbrich


gladiator strength

2016 Gladiator Gauntlet Saturday!

We’re proud to announce that we are co-sponosring the 2016 Gladiator Gauntlet, a NAS certified strongman event this Saturday. The lineup of athletes will make this event the largest strongman competition in Southern California.


With three weight classes for men and three weight classes for women, there will be action all day long at the Escondido, CA location, Warfighter Academy.

Come by the booth for goat whey smoothies and chance to learn about Clean Athlete products. We will be selling protein and fish oil all day.


Logan Gelbrich


CA Strongest Woman Event a Success

This past weekend strongman competitors Clay Edgin and Kalle Beck played host to nearly sixty women at Santa Cruz Strength. The event was called California’s Strongest Woman, which took a familiar strongman style competition with an approachable scale and only allowed women in the door.


The event featured five events across three divisions (novice, open, and masters) in three different weight classes (lightweight, middleweight, heavyweight). These inspiring women took to a pressing medley and put various implements from kegs to barbells and axles and circus dumbbells overhead for speed. Another event had the ladies pulling a dump truck with a large rope hand over hand for time.

Nonetheless, the event was a inspiration. ORIGINAL Nutritionals was a proud sponsor and we’d like to congratulate all the competitors.


Logan Gelbrich



Coach Helming on Making an Impact Beyond Fitness

Our good friend and major source for inspiration, Nate Helming, is a progressive movement coach who is making waves in the endurance community. His projects the Run Experience and Helming Atheltics are incredible resources for knowledge and change in the running and triathlon communities, but now Nate is looking to help others beyond fitness. Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.52.56 PM

Nate will run the prestigious 2016 Boston Marathon April 18th for a cause much bigger than himself. Nate, alongside Strength to Serve and Reebok, is raising money to support Brookview House. Brookview House provide opportunities for homeless women and children a safe place to eat and sleep and a quality environment to raise their families.

If you feel inspired to help us give Nate’s effort some support, you can do so HERE!


Logan Gelbrich


Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.15.51 AM

Help Us Send DELTA Weightlifting to Nationals

We’ve created uniform tees for men and women in a effort to raise funds for DELTA Weightlifting‘s travel expenses to compete in nationals. Proceeds from every shirt will go directly to the team. Delta Tee back-01

There is both a men’s and women’s cut. The shirt dons the DELTA Weightlifting logo on the sleeve and are in DELTA colors.


Logan Gelbrich


jimmy podium

James Sides Podiums in Snowmass

Team ORIGINAL’s James Sides is a former Marine and current adaptive athlete on the Paralympic Snowboard circuit. His weekend in Snowmass, Colorado ended with him on the podium.

Adaptive Spirit is an organization dedicated to supporting the US Paralympic Ski and Snowboard teams, where athletes like James can compete against the best in the world and inspire entire populations.

Great job, Jimmy!


Logan Gelbrich


Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.10.00 PM


Join Scott McGee and Eddie Ifft as they play host to one of the strongest people on the planet. Robert Oberst hold the American log press record and is a finalist in the World’s Strongest Man competition. The personable thirty-one year old talks about the oddities of his fans, his history as an elite level football player, and travels abroad to compete against strongest athletes in human history.



Logan Gelbrich



A brief exploration of what we deem “healthy”

I developed a mantra during my sophomore year of college that has helped shape my view of the world socially, professionally, and philosophically. It goes like this: “people behave rationally within their own realities.” I came up with this not-so-revolutionary phrase as a result of being involved in a schizophrenia research lab. Being in an environment that closely examined the etiology and experience of schizophrenia altered my idea of how we explain reality to one another.

Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe, and debilitating mental illness that is incredibly disabling and widely misunderstood. While we have medication that can help treat symptoms, once someone develops the disorder, they enter into a lifelong battle of how to manage it. One thing that was important for me was understanding why people with schizophrenia often behave in ways that seem strange to other people: not getting out of bed for days, not leaving their house, mistrusting lifelong friends, family members, spouses. And it all appears to occur “out of nowhere” often around the ages of 18-24. When I began to delve into both qualitative and quantitative research, I was exposed to more of what it is actually like to live with schizophrenia, and all of a sudden, these strange behaviors started making sense in context of the thoughts that lead to them.

Would you trust your best friend if you were 100% convinced she was plotting against you? Would you leave your bed if you felt that you were not in control of your own behavior? Would you feel comfortable walking down the street if it appeared that everyone you walked passed was staring at you?

It occurred to me that there was something biological altering what these people believed to be reality. So, within that altered reality, they behave rationally.

I use this example because this mantra has helped me navigate any kind of stressful interpersonal situation possible from family, friends, colleagues, to strangers. And every where in between. I also think its important to understand in the context of fitness and nutrition. If someone’s world tells them that health means monitoring only their mental health, that that is health to them, then that’s what health is to them. You can’t argue with that. If someone’s world tells them that obsessively counting calories and not nourishing themselves all for the goal of maintaining a certain physique, then that’s what health is to them. It’s honestly crazy how passionate and almost enraged people become when their paradigm of health is challenged. But, when you consider how much people attach it to their sense of belonging and perhaps even their own identity, it starts to make sense.

So my charge is two things: 1) welcome people into your world. You might have come across things that they aren’t aware of that is helpful for them. 2) However, you might learn something from them that works best for your body. So before you immediately question the validity of another person’s lifestyle, maybe do something as simple as asking them why they do it or where they learned about it.

I figure we might as well open ourselves up to another person’s world at the risk of missing something that could have been a game changer.

– Liv

three protein

*NEW* ORIGINAL Protein – Goat & Cow Options

Big news! We’re proud to announce not one, not two, but three new products for all you clean athletes. We have clean label whey proteins that honor the ORIGINAL Nutritionals mission of providing the best basic, pure, essential nutrients for athletes.

  • Hydro-Iso Whey: This cow based whey is ultra-pure which minimizes lactose. This fast digesting protein is the highest potency protein when it comes to muscle protein synthesis in the first three hours. This option clears the stomach quickly to prevent bloating and allows for continued training efforts. Also, the hydro-iso option has high BCAA and Leucine content.
  • High Lipid Whey: This cow based whey is an ORIGINAL Nutritionals favorite as we are strong advocates for full naturally occurring fats. This product maintains key milk lipids. Furthermore, the MCTs and phospholipids are vital in cell and membrane support. The texture on this protein is awesome and it can be a resource for ketogenetic athletes and low carb athletes.
  • Goat Whey. This fast digesting and fast absorbing protein is completely non-bovine and is a revolutionary option for men and women that can be less allergenic than cow’s whey. This option includes high levels of BCAAs and Leucine, as well as better potassium content.

These three options are on sale now and are completely free of added sweeteners, fillers, and junk. It’s just the good stuff. These are unflavored so you may mix shakes to taste. Look for flavored options soon!



Logan Gelbrich