The Man That Forced America to Fear Saturated Fat


Not only did one man drive a narrative to fear saturated fat, he ruined the best part of the McDonald’s dynasty; the french fries. Legendary New York Times best selling author, Malcolm Gladwell, has a knack for showing us that our assumptions are wrong. Much of his literary contributions are based on taking a concept that we seem to know well only to have him later show the reader a reality he or she never considered.

Well, he’s now continuing his examination of assumed truths on his new podcast, Revisionist History. Since we are particularly motivated to share insights regarding nutrition, Gladwell provides a thoughtful reexamination of our perception of saturated fat through the story of one man’s mission to force McDonald’s to change the oil in which it cooks its world famous french fries.

Could it be possible that a disillusioned tycoon with a motive could have swayed America’s stance on fat? Gladwell thinks so.



Logan Gelbrich