Inside the BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar


With several weeks to decompress, I’m excited to share some insight to the first ever BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar in Los Angeles recently. The three day course is the first of its kind, especially in depth and volume of material surrounding the birth experience as it pertains to movement practice.

Now, I’ve seen this seminar from concept to reality from a behind the scenes perspective. Lindsey, or Dr. Lindsey Mathews DC as she’s known professionally, is my fiancé and she created BIRTHFIT from a deep rooted connection to her own life experience as a child and her practice as a renown healer and movement coach. The frustration surrounding the lack of control that a baby has in his/her welcome party to the world combined with the all too common un-empowered birth experience normalized in the United States made way for BIRTHFIT, an educational resource for both men and women surrounding arguably the most impactful, most critical, most natural expression of life.

Over the course of three days, we drank water from a firehose of information. Foundational anatomy and physiology led into one of the most progressive things I’ve seen. With influence from Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), which uses the universal development of human movement as scientifically observed in babies, Dr. Erica Boland DC rolled out the BIRTHFIT Functional Progression as a means to pre-abilitate and rehabilitate movement disfunction, and even address diastasic recti and pelvic floor issues. What we’ve learned is that while these conditions are common, they are not normal.

The course isn’t just lecture, either. We also spent time at a training facility where movement was taught, progressed, corrected, and cued. It was refreshing to see from the entire staff of doulas, coaches, and chiropractors that this wasn’t CrossFit for pregnant ladies. It was a movement practice, a mindset practice, a nutrition practice, and a chiropractic practice to prepare for birth, the greatest physical and emotional feat in a woman’s life. Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 9.16.08 AM

My favorite part of the weekend wasn’t even taught by Lindsey. Melissa Hemphill, BIRTHFIT Regional Director – Colorado, led the mindset discussion with not just powerful psychology surrounding controversial issues like pregnancy, nutrition, postpartum depression, and even miscarriage. She gave specific tools to navigate the waters of the mind. I, and the other men and women in the room, were left asking big questions and getting big answers.

Of course, the weekend had an intangible that made the experience far from sterile. The group was inspired to navigate adaptive challenges along the way. There were breathing and meditation elements, squatting with barbells, tear jerking birth stories, Dr. Seuss quotes, and enough research to leave any mind overflowing.

While I may be biased, the seminar exceeded even my expectations and I know the sold out crowd would agree. This movement is covering not just the country, but the globe. If you have a chance to attend, come ready to learn.


Logan Gelbrich