Team ORIGINAL: Three to Strongman Nationals


Next week marks the beginning of Strongman Corporation’s National contest to crown the strongest of people of their gender and weight-class. The event will be held in Quad Cities, Iowa and includes five feats of strength.

Athletes are tasked with max repetitions of a heavy axel deadlift, max presses with a giant circus dumbbell, and a yoke carry for time on ‘Day One’. ‘Day Two’ will culminate with each athlete taking their best shot at max distance Hussafel stone carry and a keg/atlas stone loading event.

We’re pleased to announce that in conjunction with our friends at Caveman Coffee Co., that we’ll be supporting three athletes from DEUCE Gym, who’ve qualified for the event. Emily Russak, California’s Strongman Woman – Middle Weight, Josh Goldstein, and I will take our strengths to the competition in Iowa waving the Caveman and ORIGINAL flags!


Logan Gelbrich