ON: 50/50 Business and Performance


In true “Logan fashion” I decided to seemingly over-extend myself this past weekend. ORIGINAL Nutritionals co-sponsored the 2016 Gladiator Gauntlet, a NAS sectioned strongman event set to qualify athletes for nationals. Not only would we sponsor, but I enrolled as a middleweight competitor.

Since our inception in 2011, ORIGINAL Nutritionals has been some oscillating percentage business and some percentage physical prowess, for better or worse. On competition day, the pie would be split 50/50.

With the help of big Will Peddie, the ORIGINAL Nutritionals booth was a haven for education on our basic, pure, and essential products and a retail space for Omega 3 for athletes and clean proteins. We even had goat whey fruit smoothies for athletes and spectators alike. Naturally, the booth doubled as a refuged for DEUCE Gym’s competitors and support crew.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

The 50/50 balance worked out this time. I was able to walk away with the top spot on the podium and we were able to spread the good word of ORIGINAL Nutritionals. I want to thank all those that put on the event from Nathan Small, Zak Kirk, and NAS state rep, Kristin Rhodes for putting on a professional event.

Pinky up!


Logan Gelbrich