*NEW* ORIGINAL Protein – Goat & Cow Options


Big news! We’re proud to announce not one, not two, but three new products for all you clean athletes. We have clean label whey proteins that honor the ORIGINAL Nutritionals mission of providing the best basic, pure, essential nutrients for athletes.

  • Hydro-Iso Whey: This cow based whey is ultra-pure which minimizes lactose. This fast digesting protein is the highest potency protein when it comes to muscle protein synthesis in the first three hours. This option clears the stomach quickly to prevent bloating and allows for continued training efforts. Also, the hydro-iso option has high BCAA and Leucine content.
  • High Lipid Whey: This cow based whey is an ORIGINAL Nutritionals favorite as we are strong advocates for full naturally occurring fats. This product maintains key milk lipids. Furthermore, the MCTs and phospholipids are vital in cell and membrane support. The texture on this protein is awesome and it can be a resource for ketogenetic athletes and low carb athletes.
  • Goat Whey. This fast digesting and fast absorbing protein is completely non-bovine and is a revolutionary option for men and women that can be less allergenic than cow’s whey. This option includes high levels of BCAAs and Leucine, as well as better potassium content.

These three options are on sale now and are completely free of added sweeteners, fillers, and junk. It’s just the good stuff. These are unflavored so you may mix shakes to taste. Look for flavored options soon!



Logan Gelbrich