Why are My Favorite Supplement Brands Going Out of Business?


It’s seems shocking when monolithic sports nutrition companies that seem to be everywhere one day are gone the next. Just like past years, 2015 saw much of the same departures. 2016 will be no different.

But, why?

The same things that would lead one to believe that a sports nutrition company is a powerhouse are actually the same things that lead to their departure. It costs millions of dollars a year to convince a considerable part of the population that a supplement brand is remarkable.

Luckily for ORIGINAL Nutritionals, we don’t have millions to spend convincing you that we’re magical. Furthermore, we aren’t going to borrow it to convince you, either. We’re committing to do this ourselves, with a couple quality products, and a commitment to a lifestyle of front squats and pull ups.

If you ever get weary, don’t forget your supplements aren’t magic. Your favorite protein really isn’t that special. And, the more commercials and billboards you see for a brand, the more money it’s costing them to convince you of their value.

See you all next year.


Logan Gelbrich