This is what moves us


We hear a lot about changes in “diet fads” here at ORIGINAL. It seems like each year there’s another new, “groundbreaking” study showing that you should eat more of this, less of that, all of it generalizing to the entire population when it might not necessarily fit an individual’s need.

We aren’t here to tell you what the best way to eat is. We aren’t here to tell you what the best way to live is. We’re here to provide top-grade, third party tested products that fit your needs. To fuel your needs. That’s what moves us. That’s what inspires us to be better as a company and as humans every single day. We don’t subscribe to one die-hard philosophy about what it means to be healthy (except maybe to eat real foods), but rather we work to provide the best possible products to help you perform at your absolute best. In every aspect of life.

So, athletes, what do you need? What are you looking to add to your life that we might be able to help out with? Humans adapt to their environments, and so do we.

Help us adapt.


– Liv