We heart fat!


I heart fat.


Growing up with an amateur (soon to be officially professional!) chef as a father allowed me to learn a lot about cooking, food, and flavor profiles. I would proudly call myself a foodie, maybe even a food snob, as I can always find a delicious meal and explain the most prominent flavors in the dish as well as the underlying ingredients that might have just made it that much better. A sprinkle of oregano, a dash of fish sauce, a hint of fennel – all small things that, in my experience, have taken a dish to the next level.


Something that my dad always told me was to keep the “good stuff.” The “good stuff” is just, simply, fat! Fat was the difference between a juicy steak and a dry steak, a rich stew and a “meh” stew, a killer burger and that pack of 45 patties you can buy at Costco for 15 bucks.


And yet, it was always this “good stuff” that I was taught to avoid in health classes, by my doctors, and even by nutritionists. Fiber was the key to all health, and if I ever had periods in which I felt I was being unhealthy, fat was the first to go. Avocado, egg yolks, bacon (I mean come ON), sometimes even meat altogether (not to disparage my vegetarian and vegan friends – it was just that for me, it meant Kraft Easy Mac instead of a chicken breast). Our culture’s skewed perception of what it means to be healthy – outward aesthetics – dictated choices that may not have been the best for me internally. We spend so much time worrying about how we look, that we forget the WHOLE point of food is to fuel our bodies! I can pretty much guarantee you that the first caveman didn’t sit my the side of some lake, look at his reflection and grunt “I need to bulk up, bro.”


Back then, they ate to survive, Lucky for us, we’re a little bit more evolved than those folks, so we can eat to thrive. We can eat for our brains, our hearts, our joints, – but we can also eat for social reasons, for comfort, for art, even! Do whatever you want, eat whatever you want, but I hope that you can hear about ways to fuel your body in ways that help you perform at your best possible level, in any arena of life that makes sense to you. Keep around the good stuff, there’s a reason it’s so good.


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– Liv


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It's pays to be a winner. Two lucky @wholelifechallenge participants are walking home with these bad boys! | @thefitnesscoalition #CleanAthlete

It’s pays to be a winner. Two lucky @wholelifechallenge participants are walking home with these bad boys! | @thefitnesscoalition #CleanAthlete