How did I get here?


There’s a line in one of my favorite Talking Heads song called “Once in a Lifetime” that goes “how did I get here?” I was listening to it as I was driving home from the West Side to Pasadena, a commute that will always feel like a chore, and I decided to pass the time by taking a moment to ask myself this question.

How did I get here? I asked, as I drove on the 101 with the whole valley illuminated before me. It was one of those rare clear nights; that quality we only rarely get after a rain when all the smog has been washed away. It reminded me of Colorado, where I went to college.

The thing about having just graduated college in May, is that this question of how did I get here? can in the same minute elicit feelings of anxiety and euphoria, thoughts of paranoia and wonder, and memories of sadness and joy. I like this question, though. I think it can be an important and valuable prompt to some serious mindful reflection.

I think about my parents and sisters, I think about my friends from high school and college, I think about my professors and mentors and coaches and colleagues. I think about how lucky I am to be able to return to my hometown and feel loved by the people who have been there forever, but also to feel welcomed by a new community, one that fosters not only silliness and play, but also serious mental toughness, creativity, hard work, and camaraderie. I think about how grateful I am that my sister Emily found Logan, Lindsey, Danny, and everyone in the Deuce and ORIGINAL Nutritionals family. If it weren’t for that, I would probably still be searching for a way to “fit in” in a place that, before college, I never thought I would feel not “in”.

But, lucky for me, I found a new place inside of the one that used to be so familiar. I get to be part of a company that I have followed from a distance since I met Logan, who is someone who trusts me to follow my gut, treat our clients with respect, and, probably most shockingly, has given me a platform to write blogs??? Watch that one bite him in the ass, am I right?

I digress.

The point is, I realize that I would never have gotten where I am today if it weren’t for everything that I have learned from everyone in my life, and a big part of that has been about nutrition and health. I can’t begin to describe how excited I am to work for a company that stresses function and wellness, doesn’t shame people who have been unsuccessful in various health related goals, and doesn’t talk about dieting, counting calories, avoiding fat (!!!!!!stop doing this!!!!!! fat is not bad!!!!!!), and other fraudulent and altogether ineffective nutritional paradigms. Learning that nutrition is not just something that means “food’s relationship to how your body looks and how much fat is on it/if you eat this people will think you are hot” is something that has been huge for me, and I’m not even really sure Logan knows this. I like being able to look at a plate of food and think about how it will fuel my brain cognitively, developmentally, and emotionally, how it will help my heart beat longer so I can keep laughing and loving with my friends, and keep my joints nice and juicy so I can swim in the ocean, do a whole bunch of squats, and drop it low in the club with my goofy friends…all in one day. This mindset has allowed for me to find a common-sense way reject a lot of pressure that all of us face – regardless of age, gender, race, status – to just be “thin” or “fit” or whatever body-type fad is in at that time. It means so much to me to represent a brand that will remain authentic as long as it is around, and I can’t wait to share my experiences as a member of the ORIGINAL team with all of you.


If you have the time, ask yourself how you got to where you are right now and share your responses with us on Twitter! We want to hear from you. @onutritionals|| #PinkyUp

– Liv


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