Team ORIGINAL Partner, BIRTHFIT, Launches eBook


One of the very first people on our ORIGINAL Leaders team was Dr. Lindsey Mathews, DC. Her work has been tremendous in the action sports world, the top of the CrossFit Game podium, and on the biggest movie sets in the world.

What’s scary about her, though, is that she’s had all that success in areas that aren’t even her core competency. Dr. Mathews was put on this Earth to change the world’s mind about childbirth. She’s founded BIRTHFIT with that specific goal in mind.

There are four pillars that make BIRTHFIT work. These pillars are fitness, nutrition, chiropractic, and mindset. The BIRTHFIT movement seeks to empower women to view birth as life’s most important moment. It’s one that should be prepared for mentally and physically. Furthermore, women are capable of giving birth and that realization is vital to the process.

BIRTHFIT has developed affiliates across the country, they provide seminars, and online coaching. Now, they are pleased to announce the launch of their first eBook, the Real Deal.

Men or women looking to bring a baby into the world, pick it up or gift it HERE!


Logan Gelbrich