Crush Games 2015 COMPLETE!


ORIGINAL Nutritionals was blessed to sponsor the 2015 Crush Games. After being asked to collaborate in the creation of the Samson Games, a strength athlete specific event ancillary to the CompFit competition, we decided to load up the ORIGINAL Nutritionals crew and head out.

pinky up booth

The three day event was massive. Numerous divisions made up the CompFit event from women individuals, men individuals, teams, and scaled. In addition to the CompFit event, the Crush Games introduced the Crush 5K with countless runners hitting the pavement for the race. Thirdly, the Samson Games tickled the power athletes with powerlifting and strongman events.

I was blessed enough to share the space with the one and only John Welbourn. Though Rob Orlando couldn’t make the trip, it was an honor to be included with those guys.

The ORIGINAL Nutritionals booth was a hangout spot for some of the event’s brightest stars and numerous friends and family from the fitness community. Who’s coming next year?!


Logan Gelbrich