The Story Behind Coco Java Nut Butter


When you look at the product mix, these little packets of nut buttery goodness doesn’t seem to be the next logical step in product development. Furthermore, the ORIGINAL Fuel protein line that we’re launching seems like it’d come well before ORIGINAL Nutritionals would get into the food business.

Don’t forget you’re dealing with an unconventional (borderline rogue) brand here. We aren’t making cookie cutter products for cookie cutter retailers.

Coco Java Nut Butter was my attempt at providing a rebuttal to in-race “Gu” energy gel products often seen on the endurance sport scene. Almost always, these products are a chemistry experiment of sugars and who knows what else. Not only does the ingredient list on these products look like the semi-finals for the National Spelling Bee, the major driver in their effectiveness is a rise in blood sugar.

Unfortunately for athletes, if they can use their “Gu” successfully without devastating consequences by way of bowl movements, they often become a slave to their insulin levels. Eat a “Gu” too soon in a race, and you’ll have to continue to ingest these until the race is over to avoid a sugar crash.

Coco Java Nut Butter isn’t just for endurance races and athletes, but sure does a good job as a substitute. With all real food ingredients, it’s easier to digest and less potentially harmful on longterm health. In addition, fat dominate fuel doesn’t require walking the thin line that is blood sugar crash.

Plus, it tastes incredibly good.. almost too good!


Logan Gelbrich