There was no rest for the wicked this Sunday. We were up and at ’em early to get to Torrance to visit our friends at Code 3 CrossFit starting at 9AM. We had to grab ice along way to keep the world’s best cold brew coffee from Caveman Coffee and beer from Nuevo Cerveza nice and cold for everyone.

We broke out our routine with this group and I was super excited to see some familiar DEUCE Gym faces in the crowd. We did our usual CrossFit Total for an ice breaker. From there we transitioned into teaching the stone load and took on a sixty second stone loading event. For the third event, we switched things up and did a fun medley. Here’s what it looked like:

In :75..

6 Sandbag Front

100′ Yoke Zercher Carry 

Max Circus Dumbbell Presses

I had a blast rapping with Code 3 Athletics owner, Daniel Wu, afterwards. I admire and respect him a ton and we’ve been swapping ideas for years. After we loaded up the ‘Strength Wagon,’ we headed back to Venice for a quick lunch and a nap.

Rob wanted to work out so we tried what would become the longest workout in our training lives up until that point. The short story is CrossFit Strongman Seminar Staff member, Rhoddy Davies, turned thirty-six recently and he decided he wanted to move 36,000 kilos in a birthday-inspired workout. Rob and I took on this beast: Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 5.11.30 PM

Complete 90 rounds for time of:

1 Bench (225lbs)

1 Squat (265lbs)

1 Deadlift (390lbs)

We finished just in time to start the WODcast Podcast on time, which we were this week’s guests. Needless to say, I went through the spectrum of human emotion during that barbell marathon, but by the time the show came around we were back to our usual selves.

Our late night celebratory meal would be an epic one. We decided to dine with local Top Chef, DEUCE athlete, Antonia Lofaso’s, restaurant Scopa Italian Roots. We ate and drank like kings and toasted to a successful trip.

Logan Gelbrich