I’m not entirely sure where Day 5 ends and where Day 6 starts, but Day 6 was home to the full CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course back home in Venice Beach. DEUCE Gym played host to twenty-seven participants. Rob and I woke up from what seemed like a nap, getting in at 3:45AM and up at 7:30AM for the seminar.

Rob took the lead on the seminar and I backed him up. We had resident pro, Emily Russak, and DEUCE Gym ‘Coach’s Prep’ participant and CrossFit 626 coach, Julian Gonzalez-Becerra, as interns on this one. In addition, Jordan Gravatt was behind the camera to capture the seminar for some CrossFit HQ content.

It’s rare that Rob and I both teach a seminar together so, despite the sleep deprivation, this was a fun one.

After the seminar we took our traditional group photo (where everyone looks like coal miners after a day of training in the yard). From there we walked to Clutch Venice for some beers and BBQ. Ronda Rousey defended her UFC title that night, which we watched at the house, but not before I fell asleep twice in front of the TV.rousey

After her knock out victory some thirty-six seconds in to the fight, we quickly got ready for bed. Rob wasn’t impressed when I told him tomorrow’s gig was a “day game.” We’d be ready to roll at Code 3 Athletics at 9AM the next morning..

Two to go!


Logan Gelbrich