What we weren’t saying, but we were both definitely thinking, was that this drive is kicking our ass and we broke it up in to two halves. That night immediately after the seminar, we’d have to race the full distance from Fairfield to Venice Beach in one effort, in the middle of the night, and be ready to wake up for the full CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course the next day.

In the middle of our drive, Rob pulled the Kia Soul off the highway into a seemingly nondescript ranch area. Immediately, though, I recognized the hill. We were at Castro’s ranch. Home of the 2008 and the 2009 CrossFit Games. This for any CrossFitter is hallowed ground. For Rob is was a war zone of beautiful memories as a competitor.


The clinic was held at The Fitness Coalition in Fairfield, CA. The modest sized gym knocked it out of the park with enrollment. We had a blast with 43 participants taking on the ultimate ice breaker; the CrossFit Total. Then, we talked about stone loading and finished the day with a sandbag carry/front squat event.

After some photos, a few beers, and a scramble to pack the car, we were off. Rob took the first leg and I finished up. With excess speeds, Pearl Jam radio, and super focus, we made it back in five hours and eighteen minutes. We walked up to my house at 3:40 AM. The all day seminar the next day would prove to come bright and early!


Logan Gelbrich