After a late night at CrossFit Long Beach, we headed back to Venice for some shut eye. It felt like cheating the system that I could sleep in my own bed, but it felt good nonetheless. I woke up and made some coffee for Rob and I while we worked remotely on the porch on some emails and what not.

Around mid day we saddled up, this time with our film crew (Ewan from Thrasher Magazine and IPG, another DEUCE member, who does locations) for the drive up to Ventura. On the way up we stopped at In N’ Out for some quality nutrition. Little did we know that we’d be back for a second round of burgers and fries after the workshop because all other options would be closed.

The clinic took place at Westcoast Strength and Conditioning with a crowd of about twenty athletes. The group had a blast and brought lots of energy. One woman who was celebrating her birthday found herself in the final heat of the stone loading event alone. She had a performance break through experience in that minute and it was incredible to hear the energy focused just on here. What a birthday gift!

After the event we had a few beers and took some photos and hit the road. Thursday will be an off day because of the tragic death of a NorCal police officer killed in the line of duty. His funeral is tomorrow and was well known at CrossFit Amundson.

Next stop… The Fitness Coalition in Fairfield, CA.


Logan Gelbrich