ORIGINAL Nutritionals to Collaborate with 2015 Crush Games


We’re greatly honored to announce that I, in conjunction with ORIGINAL Nutritionals and DEUCE Gym, will be a “collaborator” for the 2015 Crush Games. The Crush Games is comprised of three separate fitness competitions. CompFIT will be a CrossFit dream. The second component the Crush 5K Race will test endurance runners in the Miami sun. And finally, the Samson Games, which we’ll be aiding in, will be a test of the capacity of the weekend’s strength athletes. Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 12.32.26 PM

Registration opens here and the event will take place in Miami, FL the weekend of October 2nd-4th.

We’ll be joining PowerWOD’s Jesse Burdick, Power Athlete HQ’s John Welbourn, and Hybrid Athletics’ Rob Orlando in the organization of the Samson Games. The event will feature five weight classes and a variety of strength, speed, and power tests.

Join us in Miami!


Logan Gelbrich