The Going OTE Tour is a Wrap!


Redbull Art of Motion Champions, Cory DeMyers and Jesse LaFlair, wrapped up their nationwide tour of parkour jam sessions and documentary screenings in Los Angeles. ORIGINAL Nutritionals was able to sponsor the tour and set up camp at this past weekends jam session at Tempest Freerunning Academy in Los Angeles.

Hundreds of young athletes took to Tempest’s facility for a free for all of movement in what looked like the largest adult playground I’ve ever seen. Participants got to listen to inspirational talks from the professional freerunners and got free ORIGINAL Nutritionals products and swag, as well as gear from other sponsors of the tour.

The event culminated with a “wall competition” where athletes of all genders, ages, and sizes competed for best trick. The event was won by a young ex-gymnast girl, who showed up all the boys in the event.

The evening following the jam included the final screening of “From Here to There,” a documentary chronicling the boys’ European tour that landed them on the podium of the Red Bull Art of Motion event, the premiere event in free running annually.


Logan Gelbrich