[VIDEO] The Going OTE Tour is LIVE!


I had the pleasure of meeting Cory DeMeyers and Jesse LaFlair and was totally captivated by their mission to tour America. They had the goal of screening their recent documentary of their free running exploits in Europe, host a jam session with local parkour athletes, and send their young fans off with a few choice words of wisdom. GoingOTE_Motus_Caveman_Original_Molly Water_MyPakage_GoWorx_TMPST_Rotation_Farang_Woodward_3737

Flash forward to today, these boys are fulfilling every bit of their dream. In fact, the Toronto Star recently captured their stop in the Canada’s most populated city. It’s been our pleasure to support the Going Off the Edge Tour and couldn’t be more excited about with Cory and Jesse have to say.

As a coach, I can’t help but see their expression of movement as the pinnacle of what we do in the gym. Keep up the great work, boys. You’ve got me inspired!


Logan Gelbrich