Is Missing the Main Move Missing the Point?


When I think of what goes on in most corporate gyms, all the stereotypical thoughts of guys doing curls in the squat rack and copious amounts of “core” comes to mind. These are, after all, the behaviors that haters of corporate fitness hate, right?

With the growth of CrossFit, also came the growth of hate for accessory work like triceps exercises, the lat pull down, and other corporate gym staples. As the functional fitness industry pendulum swings away from a more staunch constantly varied, high intensity, functional-movements-only mind set to include more tried and true accessory work, I began to wonder:

Did we ever hate the accessory stuff? Or, were we just irked that men and women were throwing out the main move?

After all, when you include a main move, (deadlift, squat, press, clean, snatch, etc) and train like a typical corporate gym rat, isn’t that shockingly close to how a weightlifter or a powerlifter would train?

The reason I bring this up is because the “hater” side of fitness is my least favorite. If you’re going to fly the CrossFit flag, rock on! I’d just hope that we could look at ”globo gym” life as something closer to something we all universally respect than you might first think.

Keep working hard, everyone!


Logan Gelbrich