A Telling Question


A while back I posed an interesting question on social media to spur some thinking. The question asked:

“Is there a difference between a sedentary life and choosing to train/ eat with intent for a year only to quit to return to a sedentary life?”

I’m less concerned with the “right answer” and more concerned with what kind of thoughts the question would evoke. Numerous men and women chimed in with their respective opinions. Some held a hard line that “something is better than nothing,” while others started to express concern that over the course of an entire lifetime, three hundred and sixty-five days is virtually nothing.

Returning back to the moment, I think most men and women would agree that committing to training hard and eating clean for a full year seems like a hell of a journey. It seems like a journey that is nothing to be scoffed at. Yet, the question I asked earlier seems to disarm this year long “commitment.” In the end, if we can’t get on board to a lifestyle of performance-minded training and nutrition practices, our flash-in-the-pan efforts (bootcamps, diets, juice fasts, short sided training interests, etc) don’t hold any merit.

My call to action here is a mind shift away from the often faulty quest for the perfect training program or the perfect supplement, and get on board with a lifestyle that’s in it for the long haul. If you can’t repeat your daily efforts almost indefinitely, considerable changes aren’t possible anyway.


Logan Gelbrich