Listen: WODcast Podcast


If you aren’t yet an avid listener of the WODcast Podcast, you probably haven’t heard. We’ve teamed up with the boys that bring the WODcast Podcast to help bring the show to listeners ears each week. For the last month we’ve supported Scott, Armen, Eddie, and the crew create fun, engaging fitness conversation with some amazing guests.

Much like everything else we do as a brand, this relationship was forged out of real life practice. Our core business, for example, is Omega 3 because fish oil was the biggest staple other than food in our performance-oriented lifestyle. Real life obsessions with coconut butter, coffee, and fats led to the creation of Coco Java Nut Butter. In that way, our knack for good podcast knowledge bombs made this new partnership with the WODcast Podcast a no brainer.

If you’ve never listened to the show, you can catch a new episode each week here. Or, you can get caught up on past episodes featuring folks like Annie Thorisdottir, John Welbourn, and Sam Briggs.

Pinky up!


Logan Gelbrich