Fire Your Trainer, Hire a Personal Chef


I once was paid a visit from an amazing trainer from France. He’d flown out west to see what the buzz was about with DEUCE Gym. This guy was an ex-rugby star, local celebrity, and no bull shit trainer.

Part of his struggle back home was a cultural one. He told me that people in the area have a mindset that having a trainer is shameful quality. Even the one’s that do get a personal trainer often want to keep such information secret.

In Southern California this couldn’t be a more foreign concept, but he’s dilemma sparked some thinking that has changed my opinion on the priority of a personal trainer a bit.

When this Frenchman explained to me that having a personal trainer was looked upon like an elitist thing to have, no different than a chauffeur, a butler, or a personal chef, I thought, “BINGO!”

I’ve never understood personal training, considering the options of quality group training experiences available. The cost for a quality coach’s time is incredibly limiting, but people do it. Since every fitness professional would tell you that nutrition precedes training and “you can’t out train a bad diet,” I figured I’d propose a drastic idea.

If you can justify paying a personal trainer $100+/hour, consider firing your trainer. Hire a cook to prepare quality meals for weekly food prep and a couple of amazing in-house meals per week. You wouldn’t spend any more money than you would on a trainer, you’d arguable make better health gains, and, if you live in Southern California, it will surely do more for your street cred.


Logan Gelbrich