“Basic” is Critical


In the world of strength and conditioning, there’s often this resistance to very basic, even simple, principles. “There’s no way 3×5 strength training is it,” they’ll say. “That’s too simple,” they’ll say.

Basic isn’t shiny. It’s not the most marketable or the most sexy. But, then again maybe great outcomes don’t always need complex inputs.

We toss around this tag line of sorts that I find describes ORIGINAL Nutritionals quite well. It says:

Pure. Basic. Essential.

Now, that simple group of terms doesn’t really speak to flying Pegasus’s and fireworks, but I do believe it’s quite powerful. Great nutrition in many ways is basic. Quality food isn’t rocket science. Of course, convincing the masses that basic exercises like the deadlift, back squat, and press are critical to understanding strength is much easier said than done. In the same way, quality lipids and clean nutrition isn’t complex, but it is critical.


Logan Gelbrich