Contagion: Positive Progress


In middle school science class you learn about potential energy. It’s that wheel at the top of a hill that is a ball of potential energy. With just the slightest nudge it can become a rocket of speed hurling down the mountain with the ability to affect its environment and have a crashing effect.

Human beings, I find, are attracted to movement and direction. People that are up to great things and constantly in positive motion attract others like moths to a flame. We like when coaches are also athletes pursuing their own goals. We like when entrepreneurs branch out and push the envelop. It’s a contagion to positive progress.

inspire movement

I was fortunate enough to share breakfast with an inspiring young coach this morning and I think as much as our own work inspirers each other and those around us, we need each other to continue.

Find someone moving forward around you for fuel. Carry your own torch forward, too, so you can bring others with you.


Logan Gelbrich