3, 2, 1.. Whole Life Challenge 2015


Yet another successful enrollment of the Whole Life Challenge is underway. In fact, it’s ‘Day 4’ of fifty-six for these men and women. For some brands, the WLC is a bitter sweat time business-wise. Though I think we all respect the impactful 8-weeks of health and fitness growth, some brands are affected in their bottom line because, as quality as they may be, their products aren’t compliant.

We’ve lucked out. In fact, Omega 3 used to be mandatory in the Whole Life Challenge and for good reason. Our liquid Omega 3 is a resource for folks year round and is often a staple in the WLC. wlc points

We’re excited, too, to have Coco Java Nut Butter around. With just six real food ingredients, it’s become a health safety net for challengers on-the-go. When playing the challenge you quickly realize that the food industry around us isn’t necessarily conspiring to aide in our efforts to eat clean. Coco Java Nut Butter can and has been a great resource for people in a pinch between meals.

Pinky up!


Logan Gelbrich