The Sports Analogy that Makes Your Diet Excuses Void


Subscribing to any nutritional strategy of quality is challenging. Using the fact that it’s challenging against itself, however, doesn’t jive with me. I see this all the time with nutrition challenges. In fact, any diet has some rules or guidelines, but to opt out because the rules are hard is just silly. That’s the point.

Even thought people want the results, it’s the guidelines that get people in a tizzy. “I can’t just not have sugar again!” “Wait, so no pasta ever?” It’s all ridiculous thinking. Every time someone uses the rules as justification not to try a food challenge or a clean diet I give them a sports analogy.

What if I told you we’re going to play basketball? You have no idea what this thing is, so I explain it to you. You see, there’s this hoop. It’s floating ten feet in the air. And, you and I fight over this ball. If you have the ball you can shoot it in the hoop. Every time you make it in the hoop you get a point. I can get the ball and make points, too.

Unless you were a psychopath, saying something like, “I’m not playing that! There’s no way I’ll make it in the hoop every time!” would be ludicrous.

The same is true of any nutritional strategy. Part of the game is, in fact, playing it. Get in there. Screw it up. Make some shots, but get in there and play the game.


Logan Gelbrich