Best Things on Earth Combined, The Coffee Nap


When I first read about this concept, the two biggest red flags flew high in my mind. This 1) sounds too good to be true, and I 2) came across it on the internet. These glaring warning signs started to subside as I dug deeper, however.

No matter how bad I wanted it to be true, how on Earth could pounding coffee and immediately napping thereafter have any real scientific merit? Admittedly, I’ve combined these two favorite activities of mine in the same order and proximity before, only to wonder if I was as dumb as it sounded.

Nonetheless, there may be some science to support consuming caffeine followed by a brief 15-20 minute nap in order to be more alert and improve energy levels. According to Naomi Yun, this process works because caffeine takes about twenty minutes to have an effect on the body and, furthermore, it takes nearly 45 minutes for full absorption. This timing allows you to reap the benefits of your nap and the caffeine simultaneously.

In a published study addressing driver sleepiness and performance, a shorter than 15-minute nap and 150mg of caffeine “significantly reduced driving impairments, subjective sleepiness, and electroencephalographic (EEG) activity indicating drowsiness “ when compared to placebo. (Horne, JA)

What, at first, seemed ridiculous seems to have some legs. Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for science and take a stab at this experiment? I am!


Logan Gelbrich