Black Friday Promo Code


It’s always a rare opportunity to get your hands on a secret promo code from us at ORIGINAL Nutritionals. Luckily, this Black Friday sale is centered around our highest performing Omega 3, PERFORMANCE: O3.

PERFORMANCE: O3 is the highest performing, most efficient fish oil available for athletes. With a 4:1 EPA to DHA ratio it’s any competitive athlete’s dream. With a minimum of 2800mg of Omega 3 per 5ml and a minimum of 1900mg of pure EPA per 5ml, it’s in a class of its own.

We spent months developing it’s incredible hallmark taste, which is the cherry on top. Of course, like all of our Omega 3 products, it’s in triglyceride form, soy lecithin free, sweetener free, and tastes great!

Use promo code ‘BlackBottle’ with purchase of PO3 and get 20% OFF your entire cart!



Logan Gelbrich