My great friend, Tait Fletcher, informally came up with a concept called ‘Pirate Life’ that has evolved into something huge. Tait could have a number of paragraphs devoted to what he’s currently up to, let alone the volumes that is require to do his pedigree justice, but I’ll try to be brief.

In short, the founder of Caveman Coffee Company and owner of Santa Fe’s Undisputed Fitness is entrepreneurial in a handful of other pursuits, he’s a motivator, accomplished mixed martial artist, and passionate student for life.

At my gym in Venice Beach, we fly a pirate flag and often refer to a quote from Steve Jobs that asks, “Why be in the navy when you can be a pirate?”

This idea of asking big questions, creating a better reality, and avoiding the herd mentality are pillars of both ORIGINAL Nutritionals and Caveman Coffee Co. If you’re ever looking for some thoughts on performance without an agenda, his Podcast is an incredible resource.

Listen in to his latest Podcast, in which I was able to join in on Tait’s conversation with Dr. Mark Cheng to discuss human movement, perspectives for performance, and other Pirate-like musings here:



Logan Gelbrich