High Performance Routines


When it all boils down to it, great performance are quite literally about mastering that which is your control. The referees, the weather, the type of pitch headed your way, or who’s guarding you are just a select few of the ever changing variables in major sports. Even the best in the game can’t control the external variables. Instead, they are forced to win by managing that which they can control.

Things like their approach, their preparation, their attitude, etc are weapons in any athlete’s arsenal. A routine can allow an athlete to tap into more potential by removing unnecessary variables.

Using a routine is a critical tool for high performing athletes to minimize the variables before them. Each performance is virtually “the unknown” for an athlete. Using a pre-shot free-throw routine, for example, or a routine before approaching the barbell creates a familiar setting for the unknown of the future.

Tricking your mind into the comfort of your routine may just set you apart the next time your going for a PR lift or managing the unfamiliarity of a $10,000 free throw contest.

Try it. Happy training!



Logan Gelbrich