When it comes to nutrition, we can talk about all the science in the world (and we should), but at some point there’s a certain reality in eating healthy. Just because we know something about nutrition, doesn’t mean we will practice it. If eating in a way that fuels the health and lifestyle you want is miserable, then the chances that this effort will be successful are hindered greatly.

This comes down to mindset, guys. A man or a woman’s perspective of food is arguably the most important piece in performance nutrition. Furthermore, I’d argue that it’s often the least tended to. Everyone wants to talk about macros, nutrient timing, and gut health, but few are willing to learn to love their food.

Just this morning I overheard a man in line at Whole Foods say, “Boy, this sure is going to taste terrible, but at least I know it’s good for me, right?”

No, mister. Maybe that’s not right. Maybe don’t ask the juice lady to blend your least favorite things, drink it miserably, and call it a day. Maybe the idea that feeling guilty when you eat stuff you like isn’t a great perspective. Health can’t feel like punishment. Even us humans aren’t masochistic enough to endure that to truly be healthy.

This seems dismal to me.

It’s perspectives like this one that are perpetuating our poor health in America. It starts with your mind, folks. And, a perspective that says eating healthy is miserable is a perspective that won’t eat very healthy if you ask me.


Logan Gelbrich