Montado Farms Leads with Permaculture


In the same way that the ORIGNAL Nutritionals ethos for basic, pure, essential lifestyle traits began on the baseball field at the University of San DiegoMontado Farms is doing the same thing. An ex-teammate of mine, Kevin Muno, is launching a fundraising campaign to provide San Diego County with a permaculture farm that will provide a much needed sustainable resource for high quality food.

Kevin is for real and so is his mission. When we shared a similar goal to win an NCAA title in college, Kevin shared my passion for hard work, strength and conditioning, and performance based nutrition. His new path couldn’t be more fitting for the guy that always asked the most questions and pushed the hardest in the weight room.

The strategy at Montado Farms, like ORIGINAL Nutritionals, is both passionate and resistant to the norm. These guy’s are looking to provide sustainable farming by managing water supply and by mimicking nature.


If you’re motivated to support this critical effort, consider supporting Montado Farms. They’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign and are nearing their funding goal.


Logan Gelbrich